The interuniversity research group Poética y política en la primera edad moderna studies the links between political and religious thought and discursive practices in the long sixteenth century.

Its various interests include the cultural and intellectual history of the Early Modern age, with special reference to the Habsburg Empire and the Hispanic Monarchy, as well as analyses of the political and religious conflicts of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, and their impact on the circulation of books and ideas. It also examines ways of handling dissent and the new practices of reading and writing of literature, history, politics and philosophy in the era of confessionalization.

The group has been recognized as a funded Grup Consolidat de Recerca since 2005. It brings together specialists in philology, philosophy, theology and history from three Catalan universities and several higher research centres in Europe and Canada. It includes two Marie Curie researchers, two Ramón y Cajal researchers, an Atracción de Talento project, and two contracted Juan de la Cierva researchers.

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Poetics and Politics in Early Modern Europe
Período: 2018-2021
Financiado por AGAUR (Generalitat de Catalunya)