Miguel Ángel Granada

Emeritus Researcher

Religion and Empire


He was the Professor of the History of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and is currently Emeritus Professor. He is Vice-President of the “Centro Internazionale di Studi Telesiani Bruniani e Campanelliani ‘Alain Segonds e Giovanni Aquilecchia’”. His research interests are Renaissance philosophy, the cosmological revolution, 1450-1650 and Giordano Bruno. Some of his recent publications are: M. Á. Granada, A. Mosley, N. Jardine, eds., Christoph Rothmann’s Discourse on the Comet of 1585: An Edition and Translation with Accompanying Essays, Leiden 2014; M. Á. Granada, P. Boner, D. Tesicini, eds., Unifying Heaven and Earth: Essays in the History of Early Modern Cosmology (2016); M. Á. Granada, F. Crespo, eds., Juan Cedillo Díaz: Ydea astronómica de la fábrica del mundo y movimiento de los cuerpos celestiales, a translation of Nicolaus Copernicus’s De revolutionibus I-III (2018); M. Á. Granada, D. Tessicini, eds., Giordano Bruno, De immenso: Letture critiche, Pisa-Roma 2020; and Filosofía y religión en el Renacimiento: de Gemisto Platón a Galileo (Seville 2021).


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