Markus Müller



Markus Müller studied Catholic theology in Tübingen (2000–2006) and Salamanca (2002/2003) and received a PhD in church history (Tübingen, 2012). Before working as a post-doc researcher at the Leibniz Institute of European History in Mainz, he was research assistant at the universities of Tübingen, Frankfurt/Main, and Mainz. Since 2022, he holds a junior professorship of church history at the University of Wuppertal. For his PhD, he investigated the personal and ideological structures of “Catholic pedagogy” in 20th century Germany between 1918 and 1980. His current research focuses on the theological profiles, reception and censorship of German “irenic” theologians in the 16th century. He is also working on the programming of digital tools for processing early modern Latin prints.


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