María de las Nieves Muñiz Muñiz

Emeritus Researcher

Religion and Empire


María de las Nieves Muñiz Muñiz has doctorates in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Turin (Italy) and Romance philology from the University of Extremadura (Spain) and is currently Emeritus Professor of Italian Philology at the University of Barcelona. Her research has focused on literary relations between Italy and Spain in the modern and Renaissance periods, and on modern and contemporary Italian literature, with particular attention to Leopardi. Since 1995, she has been Director of the Boscán Project, which, in collaboration with C. Calvo Rigual, has led to the production of the Historical and Critical Catalogue of Spanish Translations of Italian Literature between 1300 and 1939, as well as a prototype hypertext of Ariosto’s Orlando furioso. Her books include: La novela histórica italiana (1980), Poetiche della temporalità (1990), Introduzione a Pavese (Laterza, 1992), L’immagine riflessa. Percezione nazionale e trame intertestuali fra Italia e Spagna (2012) and La Descriptio puellae nel Rinascimento. Percorsi del topos fra Italia e Spagna (2018). In 2020, her translations of Alessandro Manzoni’s I promessi sposi and Giacomo Leopardi’s Canti were republished in a revised and expanded edition. Awards received include the “Val di Comino” for her edition of I promessi sposi, the “Giacomo Leopardi” awarded by the Centro Nazionale di Studi Leopardiani. She has been a foreign member of the Accademia dell’Arcadia in Rome since 2016. She is currently an evaluator for several official evaluation agencies in Spain and Italy.


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