Lucía Andújar Rodríguez

PhD Student

Andujar Lucía


Lucía Andújar Rodríguez graduated with a degree in History and Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Seville where she also completed a Master’s degree in Advanced Historical Studies, specializing in Modern History. She is currently a PhD student on the Literary Theory and Comparative Literature programme at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her thesis focuses on the concept of mercy in Castilian pastoral literature of the mid-sixteenth century, with careful consideration to the late medieval fifteenth-century tradition and the practical implications of that theological doctrine. She has also developed another line of study on the redemption of captives by the Trinitarian and Mercedarian Orders, paying special attention to the royal privileges of both institutions and the conflicts deriving from their redemptive activity. She has obtained, among others, the Extraordinary End of Studies Awards for her studies in History and Anthropology respectively, as well as the National End of Studies Award in Social Sciences (2015-2016).