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Linda Bisello studied in Turin, Paris and Trento, where she also started to pursue her research activities. She is currently a professor and researcher at the Istituto di Studi Italiani of the Università della Svizzera Italiana. She has published on the stylistic as well as rhetorical aspects of literary genres, such as the short form of aphorisms (“Medicina della memoria”. Aforistica ed esemplarità nella scrittura barocca, 1998); the theme of silence in the modern era, between contemplation and the art of prudence (“Sotto il manto del silenzio”. Storia e forme del tacere (secc. XVI-XVII), 2003); and the role of history in literary discourse (Letteratura della storia. Forme della prosa letteraria, 2012). She is currently working on the relationship between medicine and literature, with a specific interest in the role played by anatomical knowledge in shaping early modern culture. She is leading the research project The “Civilization of Anatomy”: the genre of Literary anatomies in Seventeenth-century Italy (Swiss National Science Foundation).


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