Jordi Julià



Jordi Julià holds a PhD in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature and is a lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He has participated in various research projects focusing on genre theory, especially lyric poetry, and literary historiography in Spain. He has written about the status of literary theory and comparative literature (Sobre islas y penínsulas, 2010), reading theory (Un segle de lectura, 2002; Al marge dels versos, 1999), and twentieth-century literature (La perspectiva contemporánea, 2002, and La mirada de Paris, 2004). In recent years, he has developed two main lines of research: the theme of exile in literature, which is the subject of his books Poètica de l’exili (2011) and Els cants de l’èxode (2017), and the figuration of identity in lyric poetry, which is the subject of Poesia i identitat (2016) and L’autor sense ombra (2017). He has co-edited a volume on literature and bilingualism Escribir con dos voces (2020). His monographs have won national and international essay and research prizes.


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