Gaston Gilabert


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Gaston Gilabert is Professor of History of Literature and Theatre in the Department of Hispanic Philology, Literary Theory and Communication of the Faculty of Philology and Communication at the University of Barcelona. His main line of research is dramatic literature in 16th and 17th century Spain from an ecdotic, theoretical, comparative and interdisciplinary point of view. Within this field, she researches on the links between sound and meaning based on polymetry, on dramatic genres related to the supernatural (mythological, hagiographic, magic comedies) and, in general, on the theatrical traditions of the Modern Age in both Spanish and Catalan. He has worked on plays by Cervantes, Fontanella, Lope de Vega, Moreto, Bances Candamo and Borguny and is the author of more than a hundred publications, including the book El encanto de los dioses: mito, poesía y música en el teatro de Lope de Vega (2021) and the critical edition Vida y muerte de san Cayetano (2020). Since 2011 he has been the director of the Aula de Investigación Teatral at the University of Barcelona.


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