Diana Berruezo-Sánchez


Religion and Empire


Dr Diana Berruezo-Sánchez is a Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow at the University of Barcelona and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, where she held two full-time positions as a lecturer and researcher (2015-2021). Her innovative line of research centers on the cultural agency of the Afroiberian diaspora and their spaces of poetic and cultural negotiation in the early modern period. Her next monograph, The Afro-Hispanic Literary Legacy in Early Modern Spain, focuses on the collective contributions of black women and men to literary texts, and her most recent article explores the role of black poets (‘«Negro poeta debió de ser el que tan negro romance hizo»: ¿poetas negros en el Siglo de Oro?’, Hipogrifo, 2021). Previously, she worked and published on the Italian sources of Spanish texts. Currently, she is the PI of a research project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, The Making of Blackness in Early Modern Spain: A Process of Social and Cultural Negotiation from the Bottom Up, and is leading an interdisciplinary group of scholars funded by the John Fell Fund. She has organized a series of research workshop, such as From Presence to Action: Black African’s Agency in Early Modern Spain (2020) and Black Iberia. Sources for a New Afroiberian Social and Cultural History (2022). In parallel, she is co-leading a research project on invisibilities, Hiding in Plain Sight: The Construction of Invisibility, funded by the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute, bringing together interdisciplinary scholars to discuss the invisible.