Benito Rial Costas


Books, Readers, Printers


Benito Rial Costas teaches the History of the Book at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His academic work and publications have been in the areas of material bibliography, the sociology of texts, cultural history and literature, and his interests range from book culture and the media to historiography, bibliography, the digital humanities and typography. His most recent scholarly work includes the volume Aldo Manuzio en la España del Renacimiento, the special issue of Quaerendo “New insights into an old issue: Book historical scholarship on the relationship between the Low Countries and Spain (1568-1648)” and organization of the conference Of Prophets and Saints: Literary Traditions and ‘convivencia’ in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia, in collaboration with Dr. Dagmar Riedel (Columbia University). Rial Costas has been a visiting researcher at Carleton University (Canada) and at St Andrews (UK), a guest lecturer at various universities and research centres in Europe and North America, and is on the scientific committee of several academic journals, conferences as well as international evaluation committees.